How to Create A Social Media Content Calendar

Let’s talk about creating a social media content calendar. If you feel like you are constantly playing catch up on social media, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve even experienced a little bit of success and momentum… your problem is keeping it up over the long haul.  How about replacing the feeling of ‘dropping the ball […]

Choose the Best Social Networks for Business

Have you neglected social media for your business? Are you concerned it won’t be worth it? Have you wanted a simple way to choose the best social media platforms to use for your business? You’ve probably created several social media accounts and after some initial setup and a few sporadic postings you are unconvinced what […]

A Guide for How to Respond to Reviews, Both Good and Bad

It’s amazing how fast a customer can go from working with you to leaving a highly visible review about their experience with your company. Five-star reviews are exciting and one-star reviews are frustrating. Actually, frustrating isn’t even the right term – for small business owners a one-star review can be downright depressing. You know the […]

How to Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook suddenly became a puzzle you couldn’t solve the moment you decided to use it to promote your business. You are serious about your business, building a strong online presence, and you’re not naive to think that you can just post something on Facebook and expect everyone to see it. So you’ve listen to podcasts, […]